ZADS is an anticipated annual event and the single best opportunity to see and buy the very best of Zambia’s quality products.



The Zambian Art and Design Show has some of the most unique and fun shopping available. When you attend the show, be sure to explore artists and designers with massive discounts and special offers!


With a handle for every type of hankering, this relaxing oasis is the perfect place to cool down during the ZADS. Taste your way through Zambia’s best stocked wines.


Kids can explore the wonder of science and the world around us through some eye-opening exhibits and a lot of entertainment.


More Reasons to Visit ZADS

Live Band

Come meet and listen to the live bands who call Lusaka home. Meet your favorite live band members, or discover your next memory hit single.


Don’t worry about blowing your cash or handling lots of money at the ZADS, our banking partner has an ATM to cover your financial needs.

Food Vendors

Whether you’re craving something fried or even a healthy alternative, Zambian Art and Design Show goers can grab their favorite grub in a variety of locations.