Baobab Crafts

Handmade soaps,Lip Balms,Salves,Lotions,Jewellery and Décor hand made with paper.Rozalina produces various soaps and candles and is slowly growing her business.CONTACT 

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Summer Dreams General Trading

New crocodile oil skin care and accessoriesCONTACT US+260976200254 

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It all started with a search for a more natural and eco-friendly living. Started making for family, but friends too liked them and encouraged. This was how “RaNee’s Handmade Natural Products” started.“RaNee’s” means Queen in Hindi but is also an amalgam of ‘Rajvi’ – my daughter and ‘Neerja’ – myself.Here, you will find soaps, lip balms, bath salts […]

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Natural handmade body and home productsContact Us: Address: Plot 14A Lilayi road, LusakaCell: +260962181923Email:

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 Bringing the Spirit of Africa into your Home Looking around we saw what a wonderful local female community we have here – so we thought why not name a company after them? ‘Azimai’ meaning a respectful term for ‘women’ in our local Chinyanja language, inspired us to work towards training these remarkable ladies to create […]

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Born out of a love for Africa, Essential Skincare offers a range of products infused with the spirit of the continent. Through harnessing a powerhouse of plant-based oils and extracts from African species that have adapted to cope with the harshest conditions on the planet, a unique product range was born that could help your […]

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   Our superb range of products are natural, and made from only the most pure of ingredients. Family owned and proudly African, Skin Africa’s products are handmade on a farm in Zambia. African oils are carefully blended with local, sustainable and organic ingredients to produce a beautiful range of products, which help your skin to […]

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