The Art Shop Zambia

Art Supplies and CraftsContact Us:Contact Person: Candice RogoffCell: 0974279107Email: 

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Tansi Glass

Recycled glass productsContact Us:Contact Person: Mandy ChestermanCell: 0968056182Email: 

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Baskets,Toys,Recycled mates,wood products and fabricContact Us:Contact Person: Janet FredmanCell: 0968875117Email:

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Ita Crafts

Beaded craftsContact Us:Trustmore ZhuwankinyuCell: 

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Beyond Me Designs

We do both handmade jewelry, Chitenge design old silver antique cutlery etc CONTACT USContact Person: Shaina IrwinCall: 0975040129Email:

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Crespin Siamubanga

Crespin is a Lusaka based artisan that produces unique toys/ home décor made from papier mache. CONTACT US+260978171717

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Boyd Kamanga

Boyd Kamanga is a local artisan based in Lundazi, Eastern Province.  He produces toys out of recycled flip flops.CONTACT US+260974036980

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Choma Museum and Crafts Center


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Kabwata Cultural Village

Kabwata comprises of a group of 8 wood carvers that operate from Kabwata Cultural Village in Lusaka.CONTACT US+260974425798

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Wood & Feathers

Artwork made from feathers, bespoke designs and commissions using organic materials for the homeCONTACT USContact Person: Jennifer EmmersonCell: 0974736995Email:

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