Ethnic clothing and household linenContact Us:Contact Person: Faith Simbisai Nunurai / Nzwisisai GoneseCell: 263735484076Email: fwaboaz@gmail.com / nzwisi@gmail.com

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Tribal Texiles

Handprinted textiles and accessories created by artisans in zambias luangwa valley.Contact Us:Contact Person: Kirstie HeslopCell: 0974775036Email: kirstie@tribaltexiles.co.zm

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The Art Shop Zambia

Art Supplies and CraftsContact Us:Contact Person: Candice RogoffCell: 0974279107Email: info@theartsshopltd.com 

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Tansi Glass

Recycled glass productsContact Us:Contact Person: Mandy ChestermanCell: 0968056182Email: mandychesterman@gmail.com/ tansiglass@gmail.com 

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Baskets,Toys,Recycled mates,wood products and fabricContact Us:Contact Person: Janet FredmanCell: 0968875117Email: janet@pepzambia.com

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A ready to wear Afro – Eclectic clothing line inspired by unique style and bold printsOur three clothing lines that sell ready to wear and contemporary pieces (MD/MD Basics & The MDindividualist) will be showcased at ZADSContact UsContact Person: Kapasa MusondaTelephone : +260978885332Email: kapasa@mangishidoll.com   Website link: www.mangishidoll.com 

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Ita Crafts

Beaded craftsContact Us:Trustmore ZhuwankinyuCell: 0974944156trustmore@icloud.com 

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Ethnic Creations Ltd

Childrens range of clothing,accessories and furniture.ngwenya glass, pewter items.Contact UsTamara YoungCell: 0977882184tamara@ethiniccreations.net 

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Baobab Swirls

Handmadesoaps, Lip Balms, Salves, Lotions, Jewellery and Décor hand made with paper.Contact UsRosalina Mwanza0979074613baobabswirls@gmail.com 

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Lighthouse Ads

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