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Le Pug Gourmet

proudly zambian high quality, unique handmade wedding and for any special occasion jewelery celebrating our colourfull african wedding and unique beaded  jewellery culture.CONTACT

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am a sculptor and designer who is working in mixed media mainly of ebony wood,horns, metal, rose and mukwa wood etc.I produce sculptures and crafts as well as functional arts out of the materials.I work with dead wood as a part of the environmental concern and sensitivity.All the wood i work with is dead wood […]

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Crespin Siamubanga

Crespin is a Lusaka based artisan that produces unique toys/ home décor made from papier mache. CONTACT US+260978171717

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Sekelela is a widows group based in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe compound.  The women work together to produce various designs of mats using material from recycled sweaters.CONTACT US+260960604252

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Baobab Crafts

Handmade soaps,Lip Balms,Salves,Lotions,Jewellery and Décor hand made with paper.Rozalina produces various soaps and candles and is slowly growing her business.CONTACT 

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Boyd Kamanga

Boyd Kamanga is a local artisan based in Lundazi, Eastern Province.  He produces toys out of recycled flip flops.CONTACT US+260974036980

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Tuli & Prudence Mulwanda

Produces t-shirts and pillowsCONTACT

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Azimai – Kafue Women

Azimai Women were formed by Game Rangers International as part of their efforts to improve livelihoods of women living in the Kafue National Park.CONTACT US+260964140585

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Lionde Zulu Weavers

Using Zambia grown cotton, Lionde Zulu weavers is composed of 7 weavers, 6 women and one man.  The only hand-weaving business in Zambia.CONTACT

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Choma Museum and Crafts Center


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